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Cloud Connect: An evolving path to cloud

Many Cloud Connectivity Providers (CCPs) have a multitude of options available when it comes to cloud connectivity, however, the complete lack of industry standards and often confusing terminology can make things rather difficult to understand. Do you know the difference between cloud connect, IP connect, direct connect, dedicated interconnect, fast connect or direct link? Are there any differences?

Mastering your Multi-Cloud Connectivity

In recent years, multi-cloud infrastructure has emerged as the solution of choice for over 90% of companies, with 58% working with at least 4 and 15% working with over 10. Avoiding vendor lock-in, risks around single cloud reliability, and the need for price-sensitive deployments has boosted the desire for a multi-cloud strategy.

Does the Internet Influence Democracy

In the old days of military coups, the power-mad colonel would storm the presidential palace and send his goons to take over the TV and Radio stations. Then a sombre officer appears on TV to declare the military had taken charge. To achieve a fig leaf of respectability the officer would offer a return to democratic rule at some suitably distant date in the future.