What the internet of things can do for me

I am sure that everyone has heard of Amazon Echo and Smart Watches such as the Fitbit. However, what is the Internet of Things? Lots of research focuses on IoT in business and commerce. This blog will answer the question: what can the Internet of Things (IoT) do for me?

Examples of IoT Technology Used Today

Smart Home: This is where you will most likely see a change to Internet of Things (IoT). This is the most popular application currently as it is affordable and readily available to consumers like us. This includes our first example of Amazon Echo. The Amazon Echo works through voice. We can play music, have a weather report, get the most recent sports score and even order an Uber just by using our voices. A further example is the Nest Thermostat for energy saving. This piece of technology turns itself down when you’re away. It is also possible to control anywhere, including your mobile phone. A room can be the exact temperature you want it to be. There are many more examples of products on the market which we can control using our voices. These devices work to make our lives more connected.

Connected Car: Cars are now fitted with Internet access and can share this access with others. This can be done just like the wireless we are used to at home. This Internet of Things (IoT) device means that we should be looking out for more apps and functions when buying cars in the future. AT&T now have 1.3 million connected cars. Arguably, the greatest benefit for us is that, with AT&T as an example, we would not have to pay monthly for the data we use. We would still be counted as a subscriber.

Wearables: Do you have a watch which just tells the time? The Apple Watch has turned a consumer’s wrist into a smart phone to text, call and more. The Fitbit One tracks our steps, calories burned and sleep quality. This piece of technology automatically syncs with either our smartphone or our computer to update us on our fitness progress.

We will see more benefits than personal devices…

Smart Cities: In the previous three examples, we have talked about personal devices and gadgets. However, the Internet of Things (IoT) could transform entire cities by solving problems we face every day. This could include traffic congestion, reduce levels of noise, crime and pollution. Air pollution is now the world’s fourth-leading fatal health risk. Low power wide area sensors can be attached to street furniture, bicycles or even people to measure and report air quality with more regularity and precision than ever before. This will help a city monitor and tackle air quality problems. In Barcelona there have been several IoT initiatives to help enhance smart parking and the environment.


Therefore, although IoT may still be in early stages, it has already encroached on everyday life. There have been little applications to large scale implementation which will make our lives easier overall. I for one am keen to try out its effects.

However, IoT is not as perfect as it sounds. Before you start investing in these products, it is important to learn about the security information and potential breaches.

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