The truth about the modernisation of IT infrastructure

Software developers are building new cloud-based software with such ease that there are warnings of future headaches for IT teams responsible for infrastructure and operations.

A recent Gartner study found that by 2025, 70% of IT infrastructure teams will be unable to support the business. Only ¼ of IT Infrastructure leaders would have teams with the right skills and working practices to support the requirements for IT operations.

David Cappuccio, a research vice-president at Gartner warned “The infrastructure you have today won’t support the needs of business tomorrow. Infrastructure is everywhere. You don’t want to be in the data centre business, you want to be in infrastructure. But IT must be faster, leaner and a lot smarter and less costly.”

Business developers can now choose their IT environment. Gartner vice-president, Bob Gill, said. “We are being asked to provide agility, but diversity is also going up. You start to lose control. Business needs a sense of reuse with centralised control,”

It could be the case that IT teams will spread themselves too thinly across different environments or change environments too frequently. There needs to be a level of consistency within a company.

The problems, according to Phil Dawson, a research vice-president at Gartner is that 50% of the data generated with be outside the data centres, such as internet of things and edge computing.

According to Serviceteam’s 2018 research, IoT is the most used emerging technology with 19.7% of respondents actively using it. Edge was less popular, but implemented by some respondents.

In reference to the challenge of these two emerging technologies, Dawson said: “How do you manage that data? How do you back it up? If you move it back to your data centre, do you have enough network and storage capacity? What is all this data doing to your storage budget?”

It may be more of a skills and culture solution for IT infrastructure teams.

Rather than look to replace the top infrastructure engineers with people with the same skill set, Katherine Lord, managing vice-president at Gartner said: “Diversity is one of the best things you can bring to the table. Rethink how you hire. Find great talent to take you to 2020 and beyond.”

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